Watercolor Look

Sometimes you have a solid stamp that you think would look awesome as a watercolor image.

First of all, what do I mean? Take the branch in Eastern Blooms for example. Here’s what it looks like colored and stamped.

Now, I’m going to apply the technique I show here.

Looks much different; it softens the image somewhat. What to do? Well, it’s quite simple.

  • Color your SOLID STAMP with markers.
  • Spritz your stamp with water.
  • Stamp onto watercolor paper.

See, that’s it!

Some tips:

  • This is a fast coloring technique. You don’t have to worry about getting every surface colored, because the water will help fill out any “missing spots”.
  • You will have to experiment with the amount of water on the stamp and the image it gives you. I found that if I didn’t put enough, the image was too distinct for the look I was going for. However, too much water and the Soft Suede ink (in my example) would bleed into the flowers too much and the flowers lost their shape.
  • When the image dries, the image defines up a bit. So, you have to let the image dry a bit before you can see how it turned out. Here’s what I mean. This is the same image from above, but right after I stamped (ink is still a bit wet).

We’ve also done this technique on the large foliage stamp in Just Believe. Try this out and have fun!

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