Easy Bows

Here’s how to make a quick an easy bow. All you need is a brad and some ribbon. I just posted a project that uses the seam binding from the Holiday Mini Catalog. It’s a great choice because the seam binding does not have a lot of bulk.

However, I had these step-by-step pictures using the new Crochet Trim and Vintage Brads. Also a cute look, although the crochet trim is a bit bulky (you’ll want to use bigger brads for these).

First, start with a length of ribbon about 3x as long as you want your finished bow to be wide. I wanted my bow to be about 2-1/2″ to 3″ wide, so I started with 9″ of trim.

Next, flip under both ends without twisting. If everything is spread out a bit, it would look like those remembrance ribbons.

Bow - Flip ends under

Now, flatten the loop so that the ends are underneath and everything is more-or-less in a straight line. Don’t twist anything.

Bow - Line everything up

Grab your brad, and pull the legs apart. You’ll also want to pull the legs away from the head of the brad, to create a little bit of space.

Bow - Open brad

Slide the open brad over the front of your layered ribbon, about in the middle, so that you have even loops.

Tuck the bulk of the ribbon in the space you made between the legs of the brad and the head of the brad.

Bow - Slip into brad

You are now ready to attach to your project. You can either use the prongs of the brads to secure the bow to your project. Alternatively, you can wrap the prongs around the back side of the ribbon, and attach to your project with glue dots.

Bow - Ready to use

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