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Blue and Natural “Boat and Tote”

“Boat and Tote” is an LL Bean product. I get apparel from them, and see their “boat and tote” featured all the time. Essentially, it is a natural canvas bag, with handles and bottom in a different color. I thought the handles go all the way to the bottom (or even wrap around). But, I guess I should have gone back to check the product first.

I have yet to put together the bag from the All Dressed Up dies, so I thought why not try to recreate the “boat and tote”. I think I was largely successful, too. Given what I thought it looked like…

I die cut two of the bag pieces (as needed for a bag) from Very Vanilla. I then embossed both pieces in the Subtle 3D embossing folder, stopping about 1″ from the bottom. I wanted the bottom to remain smooth.

(Little embossing tip: if you place the bevel edge of the cutting plate at the edge of the embossing folder, partial embossing doesn’t create a sharp edge, compared to if you put your cutting plate fully on the embossing folder. The right piece was embossed this way. The left piece had the embossing folder fully covered. You can see how sharp the transition is to flat on the left piece.)

Die cut two pieces in the second color. I cut such that there was about 1-1/2″ above the bottom of the bag. On the side, I had to trim off a bit, to make sure that the sides were also 1-1/2″ above the bottom. On the back side of the die cuts, I put Tear and Tape along the top edge.

I lined up the contrast pieces with the full Very Vanilla pieces.

Don’t those look sharp already? Here is what it looks like from the back. Nothing interesting, right?

I then cut off the extra Very Vanilla cardstock at the bottom.

Put the bag together. Glue sides together first, then close the bottom. I like to put the small bottom tabs on the inside, then the two larger bottom flaps. The bottom flaps don’t reach all the way across. By putting the small tabs on the inside, you won’t see them from the outside.

Now, if you can see a bit of the Very Vanilla peeking out at the seams:

just use a marker and add some ink. It’s not perfect, but not as visible.

Now, for the handles. I die cut 2 full handles, as you would normally. I also die cut 4 partial straps, at least 3-1/4″ long. On each side, glue down two partial handles, putting the nice finished edge on the bottom.

Trim down the excess. Make sure the handles are well secured at the top.

Curl one of the full handles with a bone folder. Glue to the top edge of one side.

Repeat for the other side. Complete!

Now, I am thinking, if there is a way to extend the handle die cut, such that you can make it a full 11″, you don’t need the partial pieces. Hmm…


A stamper that also fell in love with paper over 20 years ago. That love affair has never really ended. Oh, and I'm happily married and work a crazy schedule.

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