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Insert for Box

I have an insert today for the box I showed a couple of days ago. I didn’t get this designed in time for that post…

I mentioned in the earlier post that you can add Hershey’s nuggets to the box, and “float” a gift card on top. Two great gifts, right?

When I create gift card holders, I like to make sure the recipient can get the gift card out of the packaging without too much stress. Or having to turn the whole thing upside down.

That led to today’s post… I have a pop-up mechanism you can add to a box with a lid. It will hold the gift card and a couple of Hershey’s nuggets. The beauty is that, when you open the box, the gift card stands up so you can see it and take it out!

I have the candy corralled to the front of the box, because if they fall to the back, it will prevent the box from closing with the gift card in it.

I started with a piece of cardstock measuring 3-3/8″ x 7-5/8″.

Before I score, I scoot my cardstock to the right just a bit, so that the left edge is between the left edge and the first scoring line of the Simply Scored. That way, I can get score lines that are actually 1/16″ smaller than what I score, without trying to measure in 1/16″. (Hope that makes sense.)

Now that the cardstock is shifted slightly, score at: 2-3/4″, 3-1/2″, 4-1/4″, 5-3/4″, 6-1/4″, 6-3/4″.

Fold on the score lines, so that the narrower sections form “mountains”.

Add adhesive to the back side of one of the smaller “mountains”. This will create the bumper for the candy.

You also want adhesive on the back of each end, and to the side of the other “mountain”. (Do not put any adhesive on the back of this section. It needs to be free-floating.) You can then adhere the insert into your box. In case it’s not obvious, the section that is completely flat goes inside the top lid. The other section gets adhered to the bottom of the box.

The gift card is attached to the pop-up mechanism with removable adhesive. However, you can build a band to act as a small pocket for it instead. I realized that this is a better method, because for the gift card to stick, you have to somehow have access to the back of the insert…

The band is attached to the insert before putting it into the box.

I cut a strip of matching cardstock at 5/8″ x 4-1/2″. Score at 1/2″ from each end.

Fold at each score line, and add tape to the back of each tab. Wrap this loosely around the bottom section of the hinge of the insert. Loosely wrap, because you want to be able to slip a gift card in there. Make sure this strip is not flush with the bottom of the box. You need a little bit of space for the bottom of the gift card when you close the box.

Here it is fully assembled in the box.

I tried making an actual pocket, but found it wasn’t necessary. You also need to make sure the score lines for the band is at least 3-1/2″ apart, otherwise the card won’t fit.