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A2 “Policy envelope” Fits Set of Note Cards

If you have the latest Stampin’ Up Annual Catalog, you may have noticed envelopes on the cover that some people refer to as “policy envelopes”. They have paper washers with string to hold the flap closed. At my last job, we used something similar to send inter-office mail.

Well, I was tinkering around with a prototype, using the measurements given on the demonstrator website, and noticed that the envelope could hold the set of note cards I just showed you!

I did have to add gussets and length to allow for the thickness of my cards. I will first show you how I made the version to hold the set of cards. At the end, I will note how you can modify to hold just one A2 card.

I started with DSP measuring 8-1/2″ x 12″. Make note of any directional pattern. You want it to be going in the 8-1/2″ direction. (In other words, if the piece has the 12″ direction going horizontally, left-to-right, the pattern should be right-side up.)

I chose a unidirectional pattern, because the flap will look upside-down when the envelope is closed.

On the 12″ side, score at 2-1/2, 3, 3-1/2, 8, 8-1/2, 9.

On the 8-1/2″ side, score at 3/4, 7, 7-1/4.

I like to trim before folding the score lines. The 3/4″ scored side is the bottom. We only need the middle section. Trim the corners of that section. Also, angle-cut slightly above the 3/4″ score line when cutting off the rest.

On the other end, I used my (retired) Gift Bag punch board to punch along the middle section. I snipped up to the next score line along this punch. I cut away the rest of the top section (to the second score line), angling in slightly.

Now, I fold on all of the score lines. The sides will have mountain/valley folds (depending upon your point-of-view).

The wider side will go down first, with the other, narrower side on top. Dry fit all flaps. Mark along center line (1/4″ to the right of the assembled top flap), 3/4″ from the edge of the top flap, on the flap and body. Punch 1/16″ hole (or use paper piercer).

Punch 1/2″ circles from coordinating cardstock. Punch or poke hole in center. Use brad to attach to each hole on the envelope. Tie a 15″ piece of linen thread to the bottom brad. Make sure you don’t attach the brad too tightly, or you won’t be able to wrap the linen thread.

Now we can add Tear n Tape to three places.

By placing the bottom brad before we add tape/assemble, the prongs will be hidden. Don’t want it to catch on our cards!

Carefully peel backing from two side flaps and adhere together. Remove packing from bottom flap, and fold up.

The envelope is now ready to add your cards!

Want to make an envelope without the gussets?

DSP: 7-3/4″ x 10″

On 10″ side, score at 2-1/2, 7

On 7-3/4″ side, score at 3/4″, 6-1/2″

You won’t need to snip after using the Gift Bag punch board. Assembly otherwise is the same for a bag without a gusset.


A stamper that also fell in love with paper over 20 years ago. That love affair has never really ended. Oh, and I'm happily married and work a crazy schedule.

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