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June 2019 Paper Pumpkin Cards

I was so happy to receive the June 2019 Paper Pumpkin kit. That’s not to say I don’t love other kits (the May kit was awesome, too). But this one has fun images, and who can’t resist a pocket holder for all of the cards you make? It’s to carry around the cards so you can hand them out throughout your day. Share a little bit of happiness!

I just checked, and there are no extra kits available. Too bad! But, the kit has extra elements to make more cards with your own supply. I also have an extra kit that I may consider parting with. If you ask nicely. πŸ™‚

One thing we all noticed, though, is that the cards are too small to mail. The envelopes are perfect for gift cards, though.

So, even though I haven’t shown Paper Pumpkin kits in a long while, and alternate ways to use them, I thought this would be a perfect time to show how you can alter the card slightly to be able to mail them! I actually have two versions to show.

Card 1:

My first card uses just a base of Coastal Cabana as an extra supply item (besides more adhesives). You will also need a standard A2 envelope.

I followed the kit instructions to assemble one of the cards.

I took the envelope and trimmed the flap off, leaving about 1/4″ by the fold. I folded this piece to the FRONT of the envelope, giving a nice finished edge from the other side of the envelope.

I adhered the card to the back of the envelope, making sure that the opening of the envelope is still open. This gives a nice border around the mini card, and also allows us to use the envelope as a holder on the front of the finished card.

On the card base (4-14″ x 5-1/2″), I used the squiggle stamp and Coastal Cabana ink to stamp a border just above the bottom of the card.

The mini card / envelope combo is adhered to the base along the stamped border.

The flap that was cut off from the small envelope was temporarily adhered to the back of a gift card. I used removable Glue Dots, but you could use tape on the back.

The flap can be used to slip the gift card in/out of the mini envelope. Since it pokes out a bit, it can signal the recipient that there is something there! (hopefully, it doesn’t matter that the printed marine elements are actually upside down…)

The mini card has room to write a message to the recipient. If you run out of room (you really must be thankful!), you can write on the back of the card base.

Card 2:

My second card uses a full Coastal Cabana card base and some Old Olive cardstock scraps as additional supplies. (I was going to do die cutting, but decided to keep it simpler…)

I followed the kit instructions to assemble another card. This time, I cut the card in half, and glued the card front onto an Old Olive mat (2-1/2 x 3-3/4).

On the card front, I stamped a border with Coastal Cabana ink. Glue down the matted mini card to card front.

On the inside of the card, I included the mini envelope to hold a gift card. I made “photo corners” for the envelope, so that it is removeable.

To create the corners, cut two pieces of cardstock at 1-2″ x 1″. Mark one long edge in the middle. Score from the middle to each of the opposite corners.

Fold on the score lines, and put adhesive on each little triangle. It’s okay of the tape extends over, you can just fold it upon itself after removing the liner.

Position the envelope on the inside of the card. Carefully lift one corner to slip on the photo corner, then press down to adhere into place. Repeat with the second corner.

Slip a gift card into the envelope, and slide the envelope into the corners.

Stamp more images on the inside. The card is ready to sign and give away! πŸ™‚



A stamper that also fell in love with paper over 20 years ago. That love affair has never really ended. Oh, and I'm happily married and work a crazy schedule.

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