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A Curious Product

If you have been browsing the catalog, on pages 182 and 183, you would notice the usual cleaners: Stampin’ Mist, Stampin’ Scrub, and (added last year) the Simply Shammy.

Then, there’s a new item: Stamp Cleaning Pad and refill. (I linked to the online store, for those without a physical catalog.)

What is it, and does it replace the other cleaners?

I was curious, too, so decided to buy it. There was even a short thread about it on Splitcoast Stampers.

For those of you who hate stained photopolymer stamps, this is for you!

You know how a photopolymer stamp will turn pink once you use a red ink, and doesn’t really go away even though you used Stampin’ Mist? Well, with this cleaner, remove as much of the residual ink as you can on scrap paper, then dab onto this pad.

The red will disappear! Check out this photo.

You can see I stamped hearts, but the stamp still looks new! You can see the cat to the left. I left Memento ink on there for a while. Most of the normal yellow stain was removed, but not all.

What’s kinda cool is that you see the ink transferring to the stamp cleaning pad.

Caveat 1:

You will still need your old cleaners.

This new cleaner is really for preventing stains. The solution is a bit oily, so you may still want to clean your stamps however you were cleaning them before. (I use a shammy, so use Stampin’ Mist first.)

Caveat 2:

This will not remove old stains, although it may remove some of it. I was able to remove some of the staining with one stamp.

Before and after:

However, I have a stamp that is highly stained from multiple colors, and the new cleaning pad did not help much.


A stamper that also fell in love with paper over 20 years ago. That love affair has never really ended. Oh, and I'm happily married and work a crazy schedule.

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