January Paper Pumpkin Playdate

Want to see what I did with this month’s kit? I thought it was so CUTE. I really love the twine, the clips, and the gold embossing on the punch-outs. Instead of hoarding everything, I actually bought extra refills, and I’m going to use these to for my valentine office treats.

So, first, let’s see what’s in the kit. This is the video from Stampin’ Up!

Project as intended

I had to make one up for myself, of course, to see how this would work. I think the part that would take the longest is putting the cute twine bow on all of the treats. Man, I like this!


Alternate project 1

What if you are not giving out candy? Well, with a small modification, you can make this into a valentine countdown (and have extra supplies left).


(Sorry, I only made one because I need to keep most of these for my office treats!)

I used the Perfect Print Numbers Bigz die to cut out the numbers (in Blushing Bride), but you can use stickers, another die, or a marker to add your numbers. String these up and include a note or activity for each day.

Alternate Project 2

After making your valentine countdown, you’ll have extra supplies. Here’s a quick card you can make. Just add the supplies from the kit to one of the Whisper White notecards (you really need to get a pack of these!).


I inked up one of the sentiments and omitted the line of hearts at the bottom. It fits perfectly on one of the banners. I also randomly stamped the little heart. Very cute and very easy!

Alternate Project 3

For this project, I was pondering what could be done with any extra treat bags (except for making treat bags…).

Well, have you ever made a slider card? (Here’s a tutorial from Splitcoast.)

My slider card puts the slider element on top of the card front instead of being the whole card, because I’m using the tags from the kit. Each tag measure 4-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ so I thought they were too small to use for a whole card. You’ll see in a moment.


And here it is, opened. (To close back up, I have to carefully lift the heart.)

Slider card, opened up

To make the slider element, I cut two pieces from cardstock. One is 2″ x 2-1/2″. This part is the actual slider and will be hidden. The second piece is 2-1/4″ x 2-3/4″, and will sit on top to hide everything until they are pulled out.

For the actual slider piece, I used my Word Window punch to notch each of the narrower ends. I tried to center as best as possible (without measuring of course), and I punched less than a half-depth, but you can punch up to halfway and still have enough cardstock. You can also use a square punch or hand cut with a craft knife. I liked the rounded edge of the Word Window punch, though.


I cut off a 1-3/8″ piece from the open edge of a treat bag. You can get about 4 of these from one bag. Cut off one of the gussets, preferrably the one with the seam (don’t leave any creases from that gusset). I then eye-balled to cut to size.


Wrap around the slider between the notches. Use cellophane tape to seal it closed. I actually turned the bag inside-out, so that I don’t have any corners on the bag to catch on the notches of the slider. I sealed the cellophane bag strip near one notch, so that the middle crease from the gusset will never catch (it should be positioned on the back of the opposite notch from where you sealed the strip).



(see that fold on the left? make sure it never comes near the edges, especially when parts move!)

I cut one of the tags from the kit along the score line. This gives you one rectangle that is 1-1/2″ x 2″; I put this as my right-hand tag that goes at the back of the slider. The second piece is 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ with notched corners, and I placed that on the left-hand side and on the top of the slider.

To adhere tags to the slider, first position the slider so that your taped seal is on top and to the right. Place both tags right side up, longer tag with notched corners to the left. Put adhesive on the back side of the top tag along the unnotched edge and place this near where you taped the cellophane ring closed. Put adhesive on the left hand side of the smaller tag on the decorated (front) side and stick to the opposite side of the back of the slider ring.

Decorate your tags.

Decorate the top panel.

I attached the slider to the card base and the top panel using pieces of dimensionals cut from the waste border. I faced the points toward the outside edges and used strips to add stability. The instructions from Splitcoast tell you to glue everything flat, but I found the little bit of space to help things slide a bit easier.

Here is the slider before attaching to the card base and the top panel. There are dimensionals on front and back.


If you found my instructions confusing, let me know. Perhaps I can describe them differently for you. 🙂

Other ideas

A few more ideas for you. In case you’re NOT planning on hoarding those cute clips, I have ideas on using those, too. 🙂

  • Create a mini notebook out of one tag (folded), one clip, and copy paper cut-to-size inside.
  • Instead of posting your valentine countdown, just write a note inside a folded tag and slip it somewhere for your recipient to read later.
  • Create a to-do board with extra twine and clips.
  • Better yet, attach a magnet to the back of a clip and use on a magnetic surface to keep notes.
  • Use your stamps: heat emboss in gold onto vellum. I saw a sample on Justin Krieger’s blog for decorating a Curvy Keepsake box cut out of vellum (search for January 19–can’t seem to link to individual posts). I want to try this with the open heart!

Have you come up with something fun? I’d like to see it!


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