Carving a Pumpkin (Face)

aka My very first Undefined stamp!

aka The office Halloween treats!

I was really excited at how well these turned out. I knew I wanted to use the Fry box die, but wasn’t quite sure how… I really wanted to use the Motley Monsters DSP. It’s so cute! However, many of the patterns are directional. Being mindful of how the box would look from all angles, I had to come up with a strategy… DSP on just the front? Add a partial DSP liner? This was getting to be too many steps for assembling 60+ in a reasonable amount of time, so I knew I had to take a different approach.

Then, one day it occured to me to turn the fry box into a jack-o-lantern (I think I was playing with the Fall Fest stamp set and related framelits). To do punch art was a bit sub-optimal; I couldn’t get shapes the right size for the box. Ditto with stamps; the faces in Fall Fest are too small for the box.

And then it hit me! I have an Undefined kit and refill that have been sitting unloved since last year. I meant to make a logo or something for myself, but otherwise drew a blank for a custom stamp that I wanted.

I’m glad that my first Undefined project was this face, that had lots of straight lines and simple shapes. It was both easier and harder than I thought it would be.

So, I should share the treat box, right?


I thought I’d have my Build-a-bear Small Fry friend model with the fry box. Isn’t he cute?

I’ve always struggled with how to carry all the treats into the building from my car. I often have to park in the parking structure and walk over (5 minute walk). While I was lucky and found visitor parking, I discovered something neat.

Did you know the boxes nest? Just like they do at fast food restaurants! 🙂

The candies were bundled in a 4×6 cello bag and tied closed with Natural & Old Olive two-tone trim. I made enough to stuff each box and just tossed them into a shopping bag. I stacked the fry boxes and carried them on top of the candy. I put a bag of candy in each box when I got there. Easy!


In case you want to see how to carve a stamp, here’s a video that one of the artists did for Stampin’ Up!


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