Better Than Store-Bought

I’m sure you’ve been in this position before… you have an occasion which needs a card. You really meant to make a handmade card, but the time slipped away from you. So, off to the store you go.

Well, I would hear no END of scolding if I ever did that. So, sometimes the occasion passes WITHOUT A CARD. Really. (Shocking, I know!) I mean, I’m known as a cardmaker to friends and family; it’s either a handmade card or nothing, in my world.

I was quite relieved to find out that last month’s (May) Paper Pumpkin kit contained supplies to make “manly” Father’s Day and birthday cards. I pulled it out late at night and put one of the cards together, just in time to give away. (I took it back from my husband in the morning to take a quick pic.)


I have my brother-in-law’s birthday coming up in a couple of months, but for obvious reasons, I can’t use this exact card design again. (My in-laws display cards they recently received. Bad form to give out the same card to the same family, right?)

This highlighted to me a couple of things.

  1. The kits provide timely help for crafting.
  2. I just don’t use the kits to the fullest (or at all sometimes). It doesn’t do me any good to hoard these! (Okay, except for the cute Stampin’ Spots.)

So, I’ve made it a challenge to myself to make one of each project in each kit, and try to come up with at least one other idea with the supplies (I may add supplies from my stash). I will also try to use the stamps in the kit with different supplies; I will be doing this with May’s kit for a birthday card.

Plus, this doesn’t do any good to display it to myself, right? Part of the challenge to myself is also to post it here. I’ll need a bit of time once I get my kit, so give me until the end of the month. I’m currently playing with the June kit. Head back on June 30… I hope to have some projects for you then!


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