Busy Making Easter Eggs

…  of the die-cut variety!

Despite not crafting much all month, I finally got in gear in time to make Easter treats for the office. Since the last set of treats (was that already 2 months ago for Valentine’s day???), we added two more staff members. We also have two students wandering our department. Yikes! How is it that we continue to grow?!?

I wanted something cute and simple to decorate the containers (I’ll show you the finished product tomorrow). I recently saw a card with the egg from Backyard Basics stamp set and thought that it would look cool. Until I realized that stamping that many times would take too long. First I thought MDS would come to the rescue. Then, somehow I was going through my DSP stash, and decided something else would look just as cute.


Who would have thought that the different patterns from Watercolor Wonder DSP would make great Easter eggs? Even the ones with the flowers look pretty cool. The flowers are bigger than the eggs, so they end up looking like random splashes of color (top-right and bottom-right).

Despite having to make one pass in the Big Shot for each egg, this got done pretty quickly.

(The egg shape was the biggest reason I bought this framelits set. Really. Ask my mom how long I’ve been searching for an egg punch or die!)

The other decoration that went quickly was the grass. You can’t have an Easter egg decoration without grass for it to sit in. I finally made use of the Fringe scissors I got about a couple of weeks ago. (This baby is on major backorder, so I figured I should order one too. 🙂 It only took about a month to get here…)

Anyway, I was really surprised that I liked it. It is a little bit hard to squeeze, but what do you expect from having to move 3 sets of blades at one time? Besides, it only got harder right as you get to the end of your cut.

Some hints for you:

  • Don’t cut all the way to the tip of the scissors.
  • Use a tape adhesive opposite your cut edge, and put it on before you cut. The adhesive will help stop your cuts. I found that the slight increase in thickness was just enough to give more resistance to cutting, making it easier to know when to stop (stop when it “fights you”).

Here is a picture so you can see how I did mass production:


I only wanted about 1/2″ x 1-1/2″ for my decoration. I made a bunch of long strips first. Added (contraband) tape adhesive to one long edge. Cut with the fringe scissors along the other long edge. Then, cut the long strips into the smaller strips I needed. Easy!

Not only does the tape adhesive help with the cutting, but makes adhering much faster.

Do you see how the fringe flips up? It does that naturally; I didn’t have to do anything special. OOO! I am going to like playing with my fringe scissors again! 🙂 Wish I tried it earlier.. hee hee



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