A Little Catching Up

Gee, it’s been a month since I finished my Thanksgiving treats for the office. Since it was quite ambitious, I did manage to take a picture before they went to work, so that I can share them with you!

A very creative demonstrator named Brenda Quintana has been sharing awesome tutorials to make shaped favors containing Hershey’s kisses. Many have been shared for free. She came out with a paid tutorial showing some cute shapes that I thought I could use, so I decided to take the plunge. (It was quite reasonable, $5 I think). And, after trying to make up picture instructions for a class, I can understand why some people would want to charge for tutorials.

Anyway, onto the treats. I decided to make the apple favor for Thanksgiving, since an apple is an image sometimes used for the fall. Unfortunately, I left off the leaf due to time constraints, and some people thought I made an ornament!

Here are the strips ready for assembly:


And, there are all of the apples lined up, ready to be taken to the office. Amazingly, I found a scrapbook bin that could hold all of them upright.


Each apple assembled pretty quickly. BUT. When you have at least 60 people to give to, even one MINUTE per item turns into a total of one HOUR for all treats! Each treat took about 5 minutes for assembly, which turned into… yikes, I don’t even want to think about it! (And, next time, don’t wait until the night before to do assembly, is another thing I learned.)

However, many people enjoy them, which is why I continue to create treats for each holiday!


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