I’m Back!

Got back from the Stampin’ Up! Convention today! Phew. I’m so pooped.

I’m telling you, completing your swaps in your hotel room is NOT a relaxing way to do Convention! We had been completing a move–just three miles, but painful nonetheless. I prototyped everything as early as I could, but only had time to prepare all the elements for assembly before leaving for Salt Lake City. It’s a good thing I had a free day, because I needed it!

I did finish by Thursday night, so I was able to relax the rest of the time. Good thing, because there was so much to do. The party after Awards night on Friday went until 11pm, and for the first time, we stayed the entire time.

Fortunately, I scheduled some time off from work after Convention. So, I’ll have time to catch up with unpacking the rest of the boxes from the move, as well as start crafting again.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with something creatively clever from Convention. Each year, Stampin’ Up! puts up a display board of items submitted by demonstrators around the country. They typically arrange the samples by color and/or stamp set and/or theme. Well, they did that this year, but with a twist. What do I mean? You have to see the picture.


Isn’t that just too cool? Most of the time you are close up with lots of other people, so you don’t notice this. You may notice that the samples are arranged with voids, but you can’t tell that there’s a bigger pattern until you step back.

I’ll be back later to start posting pictures of the swaps I made.

p.s. I just love Stampin’ Up! Convention this year was such a blast: everybody got something from Prize Patrol, inspiration, meeting new people, meeting people you only see at Convention, etc. Can’t wait for next year!


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