A Random Backyard Surprise!

Of the good kind! (not the doggie or cat kind!)


Being in a rental, we still occasionally encounter a random plant from a previous tenant. We must not always get the right condition for tulips, because we’ve only seen them twice now. One of those times being this year!


Funny, though. I don’t remember having the tulip in this particular spot of the yard the last time…

Of course, did I tell you about the plants that turned out to be irises? Never knew what they were until my husband decided to stop cutting them back every time the leaves grew tall…

And speaking of random things, do you know how loud it is when a fat squirrel hits the side of your house? Seriously. The bugger jumps off the tree (aiming for the roof, maybe). Hits the side of the house instead. BAM! What the … ?!?



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