Refresh Your Stampin’ Up! Colors

I’m a little bit behind on the announcements!

Stampin’ Up! announced two weeks ago that they will be doing a color refresh this year. They will be retiring some colors, bringing back some old In Colors, and introducing one new color.

We will still have 10 colors per collection, and 2 sets of In Colors that last two years each (each set introduced each year for a lifespan of 2 years.)

What does this mean for you?

  1. Retiring colors (and their accessories) are now available on a “while supplies last” basis. Some items are already sold out. Other items are still available. Want to view the list of unavailable items?
  2. New color kits will be available in the new catalog: a New Color cardstock and ink pad kit, as well as a New Color marker kit. (Some people may still have some of the older colors, but now the ink pads will be available in the new ink pad style. One old In Color is from when the In Colors did not have markers. Plus, there is the totally new color, Smoky Slate.)
  3. The new collections will now be more well-rounded. Each collection will now have a red, a purple, an orange, a blue, etc. to work with. The old collections didn’t have a representative of all the color “types”. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

I think this is quite exciting! (Plus, I’ve seen previews of the In Colors coming soon…) The colors we are going to get will be so much fun to play with. We are getting a lighter gray (Smoky Slate), which many have asked for since the big Color Renovation 3 years ago.

Here’s a flyer showing the list of colors being added and retired.

Here’s a video in which Carrie Cudney of Stampin’ Up! shows the updated color collections.

Happy Stamping!


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