A Moment of Silence

A moment of silence in the craft room, please. The Weasel has died.

Since the cause of “death” was undetermined, an inquiry was set up.

It took quite a bit of work to uncover the cause: a broken bearing. The handle no longer turned as a result. I suspect that the sqeaking of the Weasel was actually an early indicator of the eventual break. Even if it was possible to get a new part, an essential screw got stripped during the investigation.

So, although the Big Shot is rather sturdy, this one failed part made the whole thing non-functional. (This reminds me of our printer that died a little over a year ago … of a small plastic part that normally holds the print belt in place. It broke off, making the whole thing un-usable. But, I digress.)

So, RIP, Weasel.

It’s funny how the loss of one tool makes me realize how much I used it on my cards. I think I liked to die cut or emboss at least one item for each card. I just have to rely on my punches until I get a replacement …

It’s too bad, too! I never got to use some of my pre-order items for the Occasions Mini Catalog. I wanted to try out the wiz-bang Big Shot stuff. Oh well!


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