Separation Anxiety

Haha! No, I’m not leaving my husband to go on another trip! I’m talking about separating a sentiment from its matching image. Examples of the type of image I’m talking about are the sets Easy Events and Got Treats.

Suppose you know that you will use the two parts separately more than you would use them together. After all, it’s more likely that you want just the image, or maybe you want to mix and match the images and the sentiment. For example, in Got Treats, what if I wanted to say “got treats?” and pair it with the cupcake instead of the pumpkin? If you separate the image from the sentiment, you can!

And, now that the image and sentiment are separate, it is easier to ink them individually!

I learned this trick a few years ago when I first signed up as a demonstrator.

So, when I got Easy Events at Convention this past July, I immediately started cutting them apart. Don’t worry! Usually there is enough space to make the cuts (although one image is still unmounted because the sentiment is just a bit TOO close; I haven’t decided what to do). This made it easy to stamp just the mistletoe on the card I showed you yesterday, or a row of flowers as I did for the August Newsletter project.

What to do:

  • Carefully cut the rubber piece into two pieces, one with the image, one with the sentiment.
  • Mount the image onto your wood block as usual.
  • Mount the sentiment on one of the flat ends of the block. Which end you choose will depend on whether you use the Stamp-a-ma-jig and which part of the block you usuallly use. I like to use the bottom left corner of my wood block as my alignment corner, so I put the sentiment on the “top” side (looking at image) of the block.

NOTE: if you buy clear mount, just attach the imaging sticker on first. Cut the rubber apart, and you’re done!

Here’s a picture of one of my wood mount stamps so you can see what I did.

First, the front. You can see what the original stamp is supposed to be from the label, plus you can see where I mounted the sentiment on the wood block.

Here’s a view of the side of the block with the sentiment, and the rest of the image on the side where you normally mount the rubber.

So, if you’re one of those that like to ink up the image separately from the sentiment, give this technique a try!


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