Square off the Frame

I did some sample cards using the Framed Tulips textured impressions folder a few months back (for those on my Mini Catalog mailing list).

Just after that, I saw a card on Patty Bennett’s blog that had the embossing as a square. I thought, “Is it possible?” The answer is: Yes! (And, by extension, you could probably make a long skinny rectangle, too!)

So, insert your card front (or card base) such that one end of your cardstock is aligned with one edge of the embossing pattern. We’re going emboss partway by putting the whole sandwich in, but only partially covering the embossing folder with your top cutting plate. (Sorry about the somewhat blurry pics!)

Make sure the edge of your top cutting plate stops about 3 flowers from your card crease. Otherwise, you are going to get the whole design, which is what we DON’T want. Plus, the pressure from the plate will do a light emboss of about 1 more flower, so we want to make sure we don’t emboss too far to the other edge.

You should now have part of your card front/base embossed. Next, move the cardstock down, aligning the previously embossed images with the “grooves” on the embossing folder. This time, the other edge of the design lines up with the cardstock edge that hasn’t been embossed yet. Insert the whole sandwich again, making sure only the new area is covered by your top cutting plate. Presto, you have a different shape!

Here’s a finished frame so you can see it’s possible! I made my card 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″.

Make sure you score and fold your card base BEFORE you emboss. I found that the pattern is so close to the fold that you may accidentally fold on the pattern instead of your score line. But, if you do forget, place a ruler on your score line and fold from the back of the card (over the ruler edge).


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