Growing Fabric Flowers

I promised a quick picture tutorial on how to make the fabric flowers? Eek. I couldn’t get it typed up in time for the day I promised... Well, here goes.

I got this idea from a scrapbooking magazine. It had an article by Donna Downey, and she described how she made fabric flowers for some of her layouts. I used those instructions to make my flowers.

I used: Springtime Vintage Fabric (Occasions Mini), Circles #2 Bigz die (2″ circle, or second largest), matching thread

Use the Big shot die to cut your circles. I cut my fabric into a 2-1/2″ strip along the 18″ side (so you get a 2-1/2″ x 18″ strip of fabric). Fold this strip accordian-wise 6 times to get 7 layers. The stack is now about 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″. No need to cut the individual squares apart! Just place the stack on your die and run it through. Voila! 7 perfect circles.

I used six for my flowers.

Now, thread your needle. I doubled up the thread. I thought the thread would be too skinny and flimsy otherwise. About 9″ total (doubled) is fine. Making the thread too long may actually cause you problems. I left about an inch below the knot to help tying off the threads later (I am knot-challenged).

Starting with your first circle, fold in half (right side out), and make a running stitch along the outside (curved) edge. The picture will show that I pulled the thread all the way through. Do that AFTER putting stitches in your fabric (i.e., run your needle in and out along the whole length before pulling the thread through the fabric). This will be faster and easier than pulling your needle through for each individual stitch (sorry I dont’ have a picture of that technique).

Once you’ve got the first circle on there, continue adding the next circles onto the same thread, making sure the circles are in the same direction.

You can actually gather the petals as you go along.

The edges will try to flip up or under or both. I made them all flip under for uniformity.

Once you’ve got all 6 petals on the thread, take a stitch on the back of the flower in the first fold of the first petal. Pull tight and tie off.

Now your flower is ready to use on a project (with embellishments to hide the middle of course).

Here’s the alternate card I made for my swap, so you can see the flower in action again. 🙂


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