Patriotic Embellishment

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I was working…

I was planning on showing you a patriotic card today, but alas, I ran out of time! I was obsessing over a bunch of details, so still no card to show. BUT, I did come up with a consistent way of making one of the embellishments for the card, so I thought I’d show that to you today.

It’s not a new idea, but this is the first time I tried it. I have the 5/8″ striped grosgrain ribbon in 3 different colors, and don’t seem to use it much. Since I have Real Red, I thought it would be perfect for a patriotic embellishment. See:

Patriotic Embellishment

This was my FOURTH attempt. But now I think I got the hang of it. Here’s what I did.

Step one: for this width of ribbon, I cut a piece 3-1/2″ long. I then added sticky strip to both sides of one end, making sure I cover as much of the width of the ribbon as possible.

Embellishment, Step 1

Step two: Remove the liner from ONE piece of sticky strip and press both ends of the ribbon together.

Embellishment, Step 2

Step three: Stitch along one edge of the ribbon, knotting one end of the thread. This will hold the thread in place for later. You will want a fairly long tail (I recommend at least 2 inches). I made the stitches about 1/8″ to 1/4″ long. This will determine the “lumpiness” of your gathers. Also, make sure your stitches start and end on the same side of the ribbon (outside of the loop pictured above).

Embellishment, Step 3

Here’s a different view, so you can see the stitches.

Embellishment, Step 3 side view

Step four: Turn the ribbon loop inside out, so that the ends of the thread are now on the inside, and the sticky strip is “hidden”.

Embellishment, Step 4

Step 5: Pull the thread tight. You want it as tight as possible, such that the hole in the center of your embellishment is as small as possible. If the length of the ribbon is right, your embellishment should lie flat. If you don’t pull the thread tight enough, the embellishment will NOT lie flat (the edges will curl).

Embellishment, Step 5

Step six: Tie the ends of the thread together. Remove liner from second piece of sticky strip and secure the ends of the ribbon to the back. Trim threads.

I’ve seen instructions for this type of embellishment that say to sew the ends of the ribbon together. Didn’t seem to work for me, and the sticky strip method works great.

NOTE: THE LAST CHANCE LIST WILL BE PUBLISHED TOMORROW, Tuesday June 1. I will set up a dedicated page (look for it on the right side of the page). Make sure you check it out for anything you were considering, but didn’t get yet. All embellishments will be “as supplies last”, so if you see anything there, contact me quickly! Stamps are manufactured by Stampin’ Up!, so will be available until June 30.


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