So, I haven’t posted in a while… What have I been up to?

Most of all, I’ve been STALKING THE MAILBOX! I am (not so) patiently waiting for samples of the new colors to arrive with my new Stampin’ Up! magazine! 🙂

In the meantime, I did do some productive tasks. 🙂

I went to a class that was sponsored, or at the very least used, a competitor’s products. *SHOCK* How can this be? Well, I thought I could get some outside info on how to use the Stampin’ Up! stuff, duh! As it was, I had some fun, and got some good tips.

And, which products of Stampin’ Up!’s was I learning to use? They are products that I got as part of our sneak peek into the upcoming Summer Mini Catalog. Here’s a look at some of it:

Smooch Spritz

Yes, these babies are part of the sneak peek (one of the perks of being a demonstrator!). As you can see, a couple of my bottles are already well-loved. I’ve been using them on samples, first of all. Here they are on different cardstock:

Spritz Samples

From top to bottom, it’s Whisper White, Chocolate Chip, and then Basic Black cardstock. As you can see, I have some control problems, hahaha!

So a few tips to start out:

  • You gotta make sure these babies are well mixed before you use them. If there’s any of the shiny stuff on the bottom when you spray, it WILL clog the nozzle. Really. Then, it’s a mess.
  • The competitor’s developer suggested shaking the bottle side to side (hold the bottle in the middle and move the bottom back and forth), OR swirling (hold in the middle and swirl the bottom of the bottle). This minimizes the amount of shiny stuff that gets into the tube leading up to the nozzle. I don’t know if it’s true for Smooch Spritz, but hey, no harm in doing it that way, right?
  • Hold the bottle straight up and down as you spray. Again, this minimizes the amount of shiny stuff that could get sucked up the tube and into the nozzle.
  • Prop up the item to be sprayed, rather than laying it flat on the table. That way, you can direct the spray evenly across your item. If you lay it down, one side may get more color than the other.
  • The further away you hold the bottle from your project, the finer the mist.
  • To evenly mist your project, sweep the bottle gently across while spraying (this will take some practice to get the coordination right).
  • Gently press the sprayer (i.e., using your thumb may be way too much pressure).
  • Speaking of a mess, keep paper towels and baby wipes handy. As you spray and switch to a new “victim” for spraying, you may want to wipe the nozzle with a paper towel.
  • Protect your work surface. You may want to work inside the Color Catcher (to be carried in the Summer Mini Catalog along with the sprays), or, if you’re like me, use a box for bigger projects. REALLY. My class on the weekend only used a non-stick mat, and I got color EVERYWHERE.

I still have to find out if this stuff can be used on fabric (i.e., will it wash out?). The competitor’s product will wash out, so waiting to see how the Smooch Spritz compares.

Now, I didn’t use up all that spray just on practicing. I’ve also been working on swaps. Of course, I can’t show you those, because I’d like them to be a surprise at the meeting next week! 🙂


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