A Decor-ated Bathroom

Sounds weird, huh? Imagine what the workshop participants thought when my mom told them (as they walked in) “Come take a tour of the bathroom”. 🙂

I got my mom a few Decor Elements animals. We picked ones that we thought were cute, matched the color scheme in the bathroom, and would be part of a water theme. I think they came out pretty cute. We applied one image to the tile on the wall and another on the mirror behind the sink.

Decor Elements

Decor Elements

And here are closeups of the animals.

Seal Decor

Seal Decor

Whale Decor

Whale Decor

Didn’t they come out cute? Everyone liked them. We actually had to modify the seal a little. The tiles were just under 6″ x 8″. So… We trimmed the toes off just a tad and snipped the ball off his nose. We tossed the snipped toes (poor seal!), but put the ball on the next tile up.

Oh, and I’m sorry I haven’t posted! I’m trying to get software installed on my computer, and in the process, we discovered that we have to do a bunch of re-installs of the OS. Sucks. So, a lot of down time, and I wasn’t able to get to a computer to add more posts…

I’m hoping that once all this dies down, I can play more with the new software from Stampin’ Up! More on that later!


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