A Hodgepodge Bookmark

Before I show you the other card I made with the Decor Stencil, I wanted to show you this bookmark I made. It uses the Styled Vanilla Hodgepodge Hardware. I thought it would be better to show you more uses for the Hodgepodge Hardware (in case you need ideas and need to buy more! HINT!) 🙂

So, I was in a bookmark swap earlier in the year, and one of the examples shown used the Designer label holder with ribbon as a bookmark. It looks pretty fancy, so I wanted to try this out. Plus, I was thinking of making these for a 3D swap at Convention. Perfect timing!

I’m not actually sure if you would put the label at the top or the bottom of the book as you use it, but I like how it came out. It has a nice weight to it, but it’s still functional and cute.

Here it is:

Hodgepodge Bookmark

Hodgepodge Bookmark

Paper: Pink Flamingo DSP

Accessories: Styled Vanilla Hodgepodge Hardware, Designer label punch, Bermuda Bay polka-dot grosgrain ribbon, Crystal effects

And here it is in use. I put mine at the top of the book.

Bookmark in book

Bookmark in book

I put a knot at both ends to hold the ribbon inside the book and on the label. It’s a pretty tight fit through the label’s holes, though, so it’s not going anywhere.

As for the DSP piece inside the label holder, I attached it using Crystal Effects. First, I put a very thin layer of Crystal Effects along the inside ridge (from the back side), and put the punched out piece down. Once it was dry (about 1/2 hour?), I added a little more around the edges of the punched out piece to “seal” it into the label holder.


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