What Is That Thing?

I signed up to do a couple of ATC swaps on Splitcoast. What is an ATC? It’s an Artist Trading Card. You can think of it as a mini card, that people use as either business cards, for trading, for focal points on bigger cards, or for experimenting with techniques. The one “rule” about it (besides the size) is that it cannot be sold, only traded. If you want a quick tutorial on the size and how to maximize cuts from an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock, click here for the page at Splitcoast. Some people even sign and number (1 of x) the backs of the cards.

One of the swaps I signed up for involved an animal for a specific letter of the alphabet (that you choose). You have to have a stamped image somewhere, either the animal itself or the letter.

I found a cute set of animal alphabet stamps at Michael’s (yes, I will occasionally stray from Stampin’ Up!, I’m sorry…) I took the letter N. This stamp set had the newt for the letter N. The challenge to the swap is that you had to make two sets of 13 for your letter. (Aside: I was sad that I didn’t find this swap until most spots were taken. I would have taken the letter P if it were available…)

Well, I did a quick search, and it turns out that there are two types of newts: one that is entirely aquatic, and one that is land-based except for reproducing (in the water). Yay! This made it easy to get two different themes for my newt. (I wasn’t about to pick a second animal for the letter N; it was hard enough as it was!)

So, here is it. I DID use Stampin’ Up! craft inks and Whisper White cardstock. After other projects, I realized that this was definitely the go-to combo for no-fail stamping!

I had to add at least one embellishment. I ended up adding a border. And for the final touch, I used rhinestones for the little guy’s eyes. I colored them with Copic markers since I only had clear. They sure turned out neat, I must say!

Here’s the land-based one:

Newt ATC - Land

Newt ATC - Land

Here’s the aquatic guy:

Newt ATC - Water

Newt ATC - Water

Except for cutting out the newts, I’m actually surprised at how quickly this was to put together!


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