Assignment: Movers and Shapers

At our last meeting, we were talking about the Stampin’ Up! Movers and Shapers Curly Label Bigz XL die. People didn’t want to get it yet, because they weren’t sure what could be done with this die. Since I got the die without really thinking about projects to make, I was unofficially given an assignment: come up with projects that can be done with this die.

First, let’s help answer the question, “why buy this die?” (i.e., what kind of features does it have?)

The obvious answer is that the curly label movable piece on this die matches the Curly Label punch. It’s not exact; in fact, the piece from the Bigz XL die is ever so slightly larger. So the leftover piece from the Big Shot can be used to layer a punch on another project, or the punch from the handheld punch can be put inside the window created by the Bigz XL die. I have a picture here of both punches layered on each other. The Pretty in Pink piece comes from the handheld punch. I don’t have a picture of the other layering option yet.

Curly Label layering

Curly Label layering

Pretty nice, huh? But why would you invest in this die just for this option? Well, onto the next reason. The next obvious answer would be so that you can punch this shape in places where you can’t punch with the handheld punch. I took pictures showing the limits of where my handheld punch can reach on a card of the same dimensions as the Bigz XL die. I have to apologize; the pictures came out really blurry and I didn’t have time to re-take them. Maybe I’ll fix them on a later date.

I marked the areas that can’t be reached by the punch with two lines.

First, the punch longer in the horizontal direction:

Horizontal punching limits

Horizontal punching limits

And here is the punch in the vertical orientation:

Vertical punching limits

Vertical punching limits

So, you can see, if you want to punch out the shape in the second orientation (longer dimension in the vertical direction), this die makes pretty good sense.

Here’s one last answer that I can come up with for now. This die is the only one that I know of in the Bigz XL Movers and Shapers line that makes an A2 size card. All other card options (non-Stampin’ Up!) are smaller cards and/or different dimensions. So, if you want an A2 card, this is the die for you! Of course, it’s pretty easy to cut this size; only, you don’t get the spiffy window cut-outs. I know that the other window shapes are sold separately (by Sizzix online and at some LSSs). You can use this die with those other window dies to have more A2 card options.

I sure hope Stampin’ Up! decides to offer more of their custom shapes as window dies.

I also did some experiments with the size of the cardstock I put on the die. It turns out that you can put a 4-1/4″ x 11″ over the whole shape, or even a smaller piece. The trick is to add a little bit of Dotto on the side of the cardstock that goes over the solid area. This way, the cardstock doesn’t move around once you start putting your sandwich together.

So, tune in starting tomorrow as I post what projects I’ve come up with so far.


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