Again, those forecasters don’t always get it right. It was actually colder last night. The thermometer said the low last night was 32.9 degress Fahrenheit. Brr.

My friend Wendy asked if our plants were surviving. I told her “Well, from the windows, they look fine!” Haha! Honestly, we need to venture out and check on them.

(Hey, my husband is checking up on me. He just laughed at the “renegade potatoes” comment. He said it sounded like they were throwing rocks at our windows. Ha ha)

I’ve been busy trying to get gifts out in the mail. Some made it in time; had to pay big bucks to get it there, though. Others will just have to arrive when they do. Sigh.

On a side note (I sure am rambling tonight), did you know that FedEx offers “ground” shipping to Hawaii? Only takes 4 business days. I guess it goes with the three Interstates they have there. šŸ˜€

Been playing with my Join in the Cheer Sizzlit die and Snowflake #2 sizzlit set. I’ll post pics of those projects tomorrow.


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