Countdown to 100k

…miles on my car, that is! Not the $100k sales milestone for Stampin’ Up! (hahaha! I wish!) It’s kind of like the anticipation that Stampin’ Up! had, though, when Mary Polcin got close to the $1 million mark… they knew it was going to happen any day, it was just a matter of when.

So, I’ve been keeping an eye on my odometer for a few months now. It’s getting really close to that mark. Not bad, huh? Considering the car is 13+ years old (I bought it in June of 1995). Here’s the snapshot before I left for work last night:

AT 99,988 miles

AT 99,988 miles

Okay, you got the artsy version. It’s still legible, right?

So, as I pulled into the garage this morning, I’m still about 2-3 miles short. Chris says I should drive around the block a few times until it rolls over, then stop to take a picture. (I was NOT moving at the time this picture was taken. For some reason, I guess I hit the shutter twice and also moved, so I got this shot. I think it’s cool.) Maybe we’ll head out to Pete’s Coffee in the afternoon. That’s about the right distance. Such a great little car!


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