There was a lot of information thrown at us at Creative Photography Retreat. We learned about using Photoshop Elements, as well as how to light our photographs with natural light and flash. There were classes on photographing children; what about how to photograph pets? Oh well.

Much to practice on. I will be dropping off my rolls of film to see how I did. I was able to apply some of the techniques with my point-and-shoot. Not bad…

We also entered the scavenger hunt. They gave us different subjects of which to take pictures as a team (plus, someone in the team had to be in the picture). Then we submit it the next day. The subjects were things like: handbag, sunrise/sunset, water, reflection, something red, through glass. The photographs were judged on: overall, photographic quality, humorous, creativity. We didn’t win anything, but at least some of our pictures made it to the slide show.

If you look really, really hard, Mom is actually behind the fountain. 🙂

Sunnyvale fountain

Sunnyvale fountain

This one took 30 minutes from the first shot, until we were happy with the results. Well, not exactly perfect (I was still a little blurred). We ran out of light, so we had to take this one. Chris thought we were crazy. We should have taken a picture of what it looked like *outside* of this shot. 🙂

Pyro through the glass

Pyro through the glass

Now, off to Wendy’s house for some stamping.


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