Out for photography

I probably won’t post anything new (pics/projects) until Saturday night. I got the project of the month ready and will probably post then.

Mom and I are attending the Creative Photography Retreat this weekend. Not sure why…she has the DSLR. My SLR uses film. Wish us fun and luck. That SLR hasn’t been fired up in maybe 7 years! And yes, I was actually able to find film. Imagine that!

Well, at least we’ll get to learn about Adobe Photoshop Elements. I promise not to doctor my pics too, too much (except to add frames, etc.). HAHAHA!

We got a picture with Lisa Bearnson (she is SO nice!) and her autograph on her new book. Jessica Sprague took our picture (with my “dinky” point-and-shoot…and she needed help finding the zoom, hahaha!), but we didn’t get a picture of Jessica. Boo-hoo. We also got Renee Pearson’s book and Ali Edward’s new book. Sad that Ali couldn’t come, but happy for her because she’s expecting. But, we have a class with Renee tomorrow.


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